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g10 Code GmbH
Hüttenstr. 61
D-40699 Erkrath

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The OpenPGP key for this address is 6BA8BCB2.

Please do not send any attachments with ZIP files or any HTML in it. They are all silently discarded. Note, that this includes messages send as plain text plus HTML.

If you need to send compressed data use GZIP or ask for advise. We are very sorry for this restrictive procedure but it turned out to be the most effective anti-spam/virii measure we have in use.

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+49 2104 493879 0

Our local time is GMT plus 1 hour (+2 during daylight saving time).

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g10 Code GmbH is registered at Amtsgericht Wuppertal under HRB 14459.
Geschäftsführung: Werner Koch.
VAT-Id: DE215605608.

privacy policy   en

We do not track the use of this web site in any way. For technical reasons we keep log files of the web server for 7 days, of the mail server for 10 days, and for the public bug tracker for up to 5 weeks. The data of these log files is only used in case of technical problems or abuse of the services. They are not shared with anyone outside of g10code.

For the GnuPG donation page we use Paypal as payment provider; please see their privacy policy. Payment data received from Paypal is stored in our bookkeeping system (date, name, mail address, amount). We do not share this information with anyone else. If the donor has opted for publication, we put her/his name on our donation thanks page.

The bug tracker requires a registration with account name, mail address, and password. We store that data at our system and make these credentials available for use by the service which is provided by Intevation GmbH. This data is not shared with anyone else or used for other purposes than accessing these or similar services.

We have not been forced by any court order or other means not to obey to the above rules.