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All our software is available under the conditions of the GNU General Public License (GPL). This allows us to write high quality software and to rely on a huge fund of already written high quality software. It gives you the assurance of well tested code and provides even more advantages:

  • you can use the software for any purpose you like;
  • you get the source code and you are allowed to make modifications yourself.
  • you can make copies of the software as you like.
  • you are allowed to give modified versions away. However, you are not required to do so.

Although that most of our code is available on public FTP servers, you gain additional benefits by purchasing the software along with a support contract.

If those products do not yet provide the features you desire, please get into contact with us, we can implement new functionality at reasonable costs and in time.

Here is a list of our products:

The GNU Privacy Guard
An Encrypting MTA
GnuPG Made Easy
A Cryptographic Library
A TLS Implementation
is an easy to use X.509 library.
is the S/MIME pendant to the OpenPGP implementation GnuPG.
is a GnuPG plugin for Microsoft Outlook.
The OpenPGP Smartcard
is a modern smartcard, supported by GnupG.
provides a way of checking the integrity of software, for example in a boot loader.

Maintenance Points

g10 Code employs the maintainers of GnuPG and related software. To help us continue the development of this software you can order Maintenance Points. They are used to pay the salaries and other cost of development and will greatly help us to continue the development. We will continue development even without any Maintenance Points but can't promise to do this at the same level as we can do with revenues out of our maintenance program.

You may choose from several maintenance programs so that we can partition our resources appropriate among the programs.

  • GnuPG Maintenance Points are used for OpenPGP related software; e.g. gpg, gpg-agent, pinentry, gpgme.
  • KSBA Maintenance Points are used for S/MIME related software like gpgsm, libksba and dirmngr.
  • Crypto Maintenance Pointes are used for enhancements of the crypto functions which is currently mainly the development of Libgcrypt.
  • Hurd Maintenance Points are special: Some of our employees are well known Hurd hackers in their spare time; collected points for this program will be given to them in form of paid time.

You can buy Maintenance Points either online or more cost effcient within the Euro zone through transfer order.

A list of our supporters is available.

It should be pretty obvious that you do want to contact us at hoover@g10code.com only if you are not serious about contacting us for business or private issues. It is more than unlikely that we are going to answer or will ever reply on such a mail now or in the future. You have been warned.

Copyright (C) 2003, 2005 g10 Code GmbH, Erkrath-Hochdahl.
Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.