The OpenPGP card

The OpenPGP Card is a specification of an ISO 7816-4,-8 compatible smartcard and also an actually available implementation of this specification as a standard sized card.

Front matter

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Front matter (ID-000)

ID-000 version

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Features of the version 2.0 card

The specification makes some card featured optional; here are the features of the currently distributed card.

  • 3 independent 2048 bit RSA keys (signing,encryption,authentication).
  • Key lengths reducable to 1024 bit; key length of signature keys increasable to 3072 bit.
  • Key generation on card or import of existing keys.
  • Signature counter.
  • Data object to store an URL to access the full OpenPGP public key.
  • Data objects for card holder name etc.
  • Data object for login specific data.
  • Data onject to store a X.509 certificate
  • Length of PIN between 6 and 32 characters.
  • T=1 protocol; compatible with most readers.
  • Version with chip out ID-000 card available.
  • Factory reset feature.
  • Specification freely available and usable without any constraints.
  • Reasonable priced.


The cards are distributed by our partner Kernel concepts.


GnuPG supports this card since version 1.4 and 2.0. See the announcement of 1.4.0.

Pre-compiled binaries for Microsoft Windows are available at


The specification for this card is available as a PDF document:

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