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This donation page has been moved to the GnuPG site. Please go there for the up to date content.

The pages here are only kept for reference.

The old donation page

g10code is the driving force behind the development of the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). We try to finance this work by revenues from other projects. However, maintenance and further improvement of GnuPG take up a lot of resources. As of now we try to spend at least 3 developer days a week on GnuPG related work.

To continue this work we ask you to either donate money, purchase a support contract or engage us for custom enhancements.

If you use GnuPG, Libgcrypt or GPGME and would like to support it please make a donation. The easiest way for us to do this is by using PayPal:

Publish your name as sponsor?

If you can't use PayPal but living in the EU, please send us a short mail and ask for our bank account info.

You may also flattr the GnuPG development:

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Note that we have to pay VAT on these donations. If you run a business and want to donate more than about 100 Euro, please write to us and we can send you an invoice on development services.

The old list of donors

Please see here for the current list of donors.

This list will be updated once a week, thus you won't see your name immediatley. For donations of at least 1000 Euro we offer to put your logo at the bottom of the list.

Donors in 2011: Olav Seyfarth, Siniša Majstorović, Hideki Saito, Michael Kocziak, Andre Amorim, Robert Hansen, Florian Philipp, and Sergey Matveev.

Martin TschosnigRobert HansenAvi W.
Jerome BaumJohn HowlettRobert Hansen
Lorenzo GrifiDavid NormanDennis Jefferson
DistroWatch.comHarry PercivalEike Benedikt Lotz
Robert HansenSidnetChristoph Roeger
RetsigerThomas GriesAlessandro Francolini
Stuart RobertsonPete StephensonMagne Larsen
Peter SchmidtDaniele RicciHarrison Neal
Tim WibleRock Flats GearBedrossian Nathan
Robert HansenBenjamin-Gaylor PaulMargaret Timothy
Kristian Fiskerstrandbastiaan van der veerMiguel Ángel Meneses García
David SmithGünter KuhnsJason Harris
Gabriel RuprechtLeopold SummererMichaela Eichwald
E FULLWOODJoachim RauscherPexus LLC
Jeroen BudtsMatthias KirschnerMartin Bauer
Richard HollidayDavid KaempfAnsgar Machalicky
Michael HannemannAdam HarperBjörn Hohe
ph3-der-loeweRolf StrathewerdPaul Laub
Juergen PolsterMike TigasJulien Henry
École Ouverte FrancophoneBurghard EngelSilent Cry
Thomas MartinChristine DeiningerMoritz Grosch
Peter PhilippePedro Araújomichael böttner
Daniel ChenMarkus HeinrichAnthony Le Cigne
Trung PhamPhilipp LeweJay Humphrey
Gabriele InghiramiMorgan Le DougetIn memory of the ↓
Ching-che ChenAvi WHonorable Allan N. Kornblum
William SamuelsPeter Hufschmid-HirschbuehlGerd Christiansen
Dazzling BeautyLaurent JoubertRaúl Montañana Aliaga
David Wagnerpascal thuillier-charmetDr. Peter Voigt
Robert HansenDr. Christian LeutloffChristoph Albers
axel kleindienstMichael CusackRobin Berger
Dillon PyronChen Ching-chedk82
Embedded Systems Academy邝 建红Don Moody
Ed StoneMichelle KinnucanMarco Lazzarotto
Eike Benedikt LotzIgor Furlan
Stephen Revilak
Anja Göritz
Magne Larsen
William Harris
Steve Edlefsen
Georg Pohl
Matthias Matthiasson
Mark Jeromin
Sascha Xander
Jonathan Hammler
Markus Schweitzer
William Oslund
Klas Lindfors
Tomas Vasko
Christoph Maciejewski
Dennis Heitmann
Martin Schneider
Daniel Tietze
Alfred Giuliani
Jens Bräuer
Rolf-Maria Rexhausen
Hofbauer Roland
Alex Zey
Peter Ulber
hannes michalek
Artem Strizhevsky
Clemens Reitze
juergen karmann
Marcus Fihlon
Alexander Kratzer
Tomas Mrozek
Timo Fercher
Andy Sommer
Thilo Hartmann
Andreas Bittner
Jonas Gasser
Wau Holland Stiftung whs-logo.png

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The "net" column gives the actual value without VAT and PayPal fees.
Last update: 2014-05-26

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