Our services   en

g10code is a company specialized on cryptographic development, low-level coding, code audits and general development support. We are able to provide services in these areas:

We have extensive experience on all kind of POSIX platforms (e.g. GNU/Linux system) and in porting software to and from MS Windows and WindowsCE.

GnuPG development   en

g10code is the driving force behind the development of the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) and related software. GnuPG is the leading implementation of the OpenPGP encryption and digital signing standard. GnuPG is available for all Unix variants, MS Windows, MAC OSX and VMS. In addition to OpenPGP it features a full implementation of the S/MIME encryption and signing standard and provides an enhanced replacement for the ssh-agent. GnuPG is well matured software and freely available under GNU General Public License.

If you are using GnuPG to secure your data - either on server based systems or for example by email applications on the desktop - it is in your own interest to keep this software alive and well maintained. You can help GnuPG and thus yourself by:

General cryptographic development   en

We do cryptographic development most of the time and thus have a lot of experience. One major component we use is Libgcrypt a full-fledged library of cryptographic building blocks. If you need support for new algorithms or want to squeeze out more performance for a given CPU, just talk to us. Aside from Libgcrypt we can help you with all your projects which involve the use of cryptographic protocols.

Driver development   en

If you are developing hardware and need drivers to support OSes, we may help you as well.

Smartcard integration   en

With the OpenPGP smartcard we have an open specified solution for many use cases which require the use of a small and secure hardware token. If you want to integrate this or another smartcard into your system, we can do this at a blink of an eye.

Cross-platform development   en

Our main development platforms are POSIX systems and we use well tested cross-platform development tools to write software for other systems. In fact one of our engineers did the first free toolchain for native compiling from Unix to Windows back in 1997. GnuPG for Windows as been build using this toolchain since 1999.

Embedded development   en

We have long lasting experience porting software to embedded 32 bit platforms (e.g. Blackfin and ARM) and helping with licensing questions.